Toolz Of Success

New year, Same attitude when I'm flowing to a rhythm while I'm trying to reach a higher altitude, Through a new groove. Crude fears, I'm eliminating with a few new tools... Acceptance. Of a home littered by hateful messages and disgraceful sedatives. Of those bitter over graceful sentiments I've chosen over distasteful eminence. Why sit... Continue Reading →

Amour Bon Gre

Relationships, At times, Are just a headache. I don't want to sit, Face to face and explain my set ways as segue for her to decide if I am one she'll let stay. I don't want to sit and have fits with a woman who'd wear out the person I am, Hoping I'd change and... Continue Reading →

State Of Affairs

"Mami! Climbing on this thing is fun!" "What the hell is your damn problem!? Stop it right the fuck now!..." Everyone in the area immediately turned around, Startled and probably wondering, How? How can you possibly yell at a sweet child just, Grinning and shuffling feet circling a Mother squared by misbegotten anger as she... Continue Reading →

Evicted From The Clan

Waking up, First thing, Bright and early? It looks like it will surely be a beautiful day! Sitting next to my window, Smoking on endo while I pray. Sipping on some tea, Alleviating me of my pain... Why can't it Be, This good? Every morning I'm standing, Weak? From this family happily handing me plenty... Continue Reading →

Mangu Con Los Tres Golpes

Blood runs deep in the veins of every single Human being. Yet, Still feel like an Alien who doesn't belong on Earth's gorgeous grass flowing to the winds of every step I take... "Eh, Ten fi'ty Sir." " Even if it's 7 bucks for anyone who's darker than me... "Uhm, Gracias senior, Buen dias." A... Continue Reading →

Cutting Tiez

How do you just, Let go? Or, Move on? Some things just feel like a stainless steel knife penetrating your rib cage. And, Most of the time you'll feel like keeping it lodged inside, Worried it'll bleed out and kill you if it isn't... Seem to ask the same question over, And over again. How... Continue Reading →

Dumb x Love

I love you even if you call me a 'piece of shit'. I refuse to believe you mean it at any level, For whatever reason. What I do believe is that you'll love me all throughout the seasons. We promised we'd weather the storm and defeat it. Fight through every drought when we are thirsty... Continue Reading →


I look back at my life some times and realize, I've come a long way just to reach a certain level of sanity... And vanity, Just glad to be, Me. It's a first, Just to face the mirror and smirk, Through thorny vines in this concrete jungle, The abyss of the struggle, Reminding you of... Continue Reading →

Still Smitten

I already miss the sunshine in her eyes, Knowing that I won't see them again. So golden, So warm, So sweet was her scent when she laid with me on my bed. Why am I so full of flaws that others can't accept? All I ever wanted was a woman like her to hold hands... Continue Reading →

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