I look back at my life some times and realize, I've come a long way just to reach a certain level of sanity... And vanity, Just glad to be, Me. It's a first, Just to face the mirror and smirk, Through thorny vines in this concrete jungle, The abyss of the struggle, Reminding you of... Continue Reading →

Still Smitten

I already miss the sunshine in her eyes, Knowing that I won't see them again. So golden, So warm, So sweet was her scent when she laid with me on my bed. Why am I so full of flaws that others can't accept? All I ever wanted was a woman like her to hold hands... Continue Reading →

Know Your Worth

They all say they're there and love you. Until you need them there while they just look above you. But it's a lose-lose, For the fools who, Overlook the worth in your soul glaring a light to the sky. Up high, While they're covered in smoke with tears in their eyes. Broke, In the club... Continue Reading →

When Silence Speakz

Problem is, He's wrong if he feels suicidal, As if anyone is helping him keep his vitals pumping. He's wrong if he's down, Even if he's being kicked while he's hungry, To get back up and smile. He's wrong for just wanting time to heal. Time to heal from pain that doesn't seem to go... Continue Reading →

Journal entry #1 – Heartbroken

Love. Often think about if love in this day and age is dead. Dead in a family-like sense. Like, Do we just love ourselves, or are we just afraid of loving each other during times so divided? Maybe, it's an unlikely fusion of both... Of course, we must love ourselves no matter what crisis may... Continue Reading →

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