Classy Rejectz

Time to handle these emotions with class,
Now that I’m grown with a new set of principles in the palm of my hands.
Life’s been the hardest teacher I have had to bypass,
And live within a dream only my eyes can see while I put it in a rap!
Covering my wounds.
Wounds opened by every friend that wasn’t true!
To their word.
All I knew were the lies they would serve,
On a plate I would eat off,
Just to feel brave enough to walk away from a curb I would contemplate,
Jumping over…
Sorry if my thoughts are way too difficult to witness.
I can’t find a
restful night while I’m stuck behind bars I have to keep spittin’.
God told me it’s a life sentence after spending many days sinnin’,
If I’m ever to be freed?
It’s what I must serve till my last minute on Earth dishing back all the fruit I was given!
From the rocks others kicked toward my path to a peaceful living,
To the fruits of my labor God allowed me to eat from while starving for a difference,
Hoping others in the same ditch I was in would eat from the seeds I’ve been watering with,

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