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Baggage Full Of Bricks

Numb where I thought I’d never be.
A temple disturbed by pressure I’ve refused to remove from my shoulders…

“Got to get the next buck…
I just,
Need to know that I can eat tonight and the next…”

All I can think of is,
Cutting off each strap from a backpack scuffed by each of my attempts to either fill myself with joy,
Search and find what my mind believes I’ve needed…

It’s my heart that’s been hurting.
Hurt from a loneliness more so involuntary than deliberate.
There isn’t much I can do.
Regardless of any answer I may come up with,
Only one looks clear to a nomad with nowhere to go.
Keep moving forward!
Question is,
Will I keep moving forward with baggage full of what I should’ve let go a long time ago?
Will I gently slide it off of each shoulder,
Watching its front side belly drop into an ocean of tears I now drink after filtering my life of doubt and sorrow with,
Love and joy…

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