Blessings of Pain

Prayers often commence when there seems to be no option left.When most want their dream car,That winning lotto ticket,Or,Their own dosage of attention to feel better about themselves.But,As our tears begin pouring oceans without shallow waters, many tend to drown inside their own resentment…I guess,At times,We forget how much of a blessing it is!To experience... Continue Reading →

Baggage Full Of Bricks

Numb where I thought I'd never be.A temple disturbed by pressure I've refused to remove from my shoulders… "Got to get the next buck…I just,Need to know that I can eat tonight and the next…" Yet,All I can think of is,Cutting off each strap from a backpack scuffed by each of my attempts to either... Continue Reading →

Love Ripz

Ripples of Love are often seen with people drowning inside of them. Hands above shore waving all around, Madly, As others walk by like, "Another one got caught tonight again!" But, What happens when you've made it to the other side? Making it to shore after crossing what seemed like a puzzle just to swim... Continue Reading →

Poison Ivy

Is it Writer's Block? Or, Is the Universe alerting me to, Breathe? To, Rest my wrist and mind before my love for life depletes! Because, Lately exhaustion and relaxation seems to be the trend for a man facing exile. A man who's prayed for the expulsion of pain, Receiving an abrupt ticket to any curb... Continue Reading →

Broken Crownz

Volcanic thoughts errupt from a mind, Disturbed by his own. Blood coursing through his veins, Similar to They, Yet, The difference shows within our actions.... As I'm surrounded by quils, Paper as my shield, Ink representing all the tears I've spilled, I swim inside of my vision, Given the darkest tinge of red... I accept... Continue Reading →

Off The Deep End

Floating off the deep end. Into shallow waters where I'm reapin', The benefits of different rhythms flowing off a tongue that is creased in, The moment where I'm thinking of a woman, Scorned, Referred to as the former... Yet, She couldn't take the plethoras of ways how I form words, Into my reality while I... Continue Reading →

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