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How ‘Bout Some Honesty, Shall We? 1

Haven’t really been able to write.
Been more focused on this feeling inside of my chest so,
I rise every morning with a mission in my mind to,
Even if,
I would rather wither away in a grave of some sort.
After all,
My world tells me to die often.
Besides a Mom who’d rather see me in a coffin,
As I’ve been told many times,
My Ex along everyone else she has convinced to pray for my nonexistence,
Like to remind me of my worthlessness.
Had no one else,
Accept a best friend who condemned me to a Hell,
Only the brave can crawl out of.
Regardless if I’m at the edge of escape,
It feels too good to be true,
With a vessel breaking down while its heart loses a bit of its faith…

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