How ‘Bout Some Honesty, Shall We? 1

Recently,Haven’t really been able to write.Been more focused on this feeling inside of my chest so,Daunting.Yet,I rise every morning with a mission in my mind to,Live,Even if,I would rather wither away in a grave of some sort.After all,My world tells me to die often.Besides a Mom who’d rather see me in a coffin,As I’ve been... Continue Reading →

They’re Not Worth It

If someone once close to you finds not an ounce of worth in your existence,Please.See that their absence is worth it all.To live,Smile and,|Chuckle.At what serves your heart more,By,Walking away from what doesn't want you...

What Is Home

Ain't it sad,When you can't remember the last hug you've had?I mean,Not really.I can sit here,Be mad,And keep reeling wretched memories over and over again.Or,Come up with another bar,Further entrapping emotions trying to keep me from being sober in this,Labyrinth with walls made of glass.See-through walls in the mind of my inner child,While I search... Continue Reading →

Sheath Of Scorns

Her lips form a sheath with a smirk,Dangerously risen.And,When they part,Sharp daggers fly,While my joy is dismissed… No mercy,She shows as she gloats over misfortunes my sanity is shadowed by.Flesh is her food,And she'll eat it with as much malice intent needed… It always took two to tango,But,Our music stopped,While she let my hands go…... Continue Reading →

Know Your Worth

They all say they're there and love you. Until you need them there while they just look above you. But it's a lose-lose, For the fools who, Overlook the worth in your soul glaring a light to the sky. Up high, While they're covered in smoke with tears in their eyes. Broke, In the club... Continue Reading →

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