Prize Nobody Wants

You can't imagine all the pain that I bear.While everybody thinks I'm an animal feeding off of despair,All I am is just a man grown sick and tired of looking for apologies others wouldn't care to give.So,I've isolated.Stayed away what would not embrace me while aggravated,By a dysfunctional family,Demons who rather bestow insanity upon me!... Continue Reading →

Conversation Had With Myself, Pt. 1

“Just do it…Just quit.” Says the voice in my head every time I set fire to another blunt. On most days, it feels like I’m setting fire to my own situation. No longer a joy as it was in the past. Sure, cannabis can be mind-blowing for some of us. But, in a world that... Continue Reading →

Pockets Full Of Nickels

Freedom! Is all I’ve desired during this period of hysteria. After all, who isn’t tired of an epoch riddled by ignorance and deceit while snakes dressed in a suit & tie poison the masses with fear? After such vexatious warnings of a “dark” winter ahead of those who refuse to litter their bloodstreams with heinous... Continue Reading →

How ‘Bout Some Honesty, Shall We? 1

Recently,Haven’t really been able to write.Been more focused on this feeling inside of my chest so,Daunting.Yet,I rise every morning with a mission in my mind to,Live,Even if,I would rather wither away in a grave of some sort.After all,My world tells me to die often.Besides a Mom who’d rather see me in a coffin,As I’ve been... Continue Reading →

Fear Of Heightz

Fear.A feeling most abhor for as long as they live,Yet,Success is never gained without it.But,What I am afraid of,Is not a man nor women who has made up,A character,More like the pariah we avoid to save the,Bits and pieces left of our sanity!With God’s wrath looming over our sins,I’m scared of what will be taken... Continue Reading →

“Just Do!”

Just do! Easier said than done, isn't it? Especially when sunshine is still being blocked around your way by that dark cloud hovering over your head. But! "Just Doing" is a feat every soul on Earth has the power to achieve, even if the circumstance you're in makes it feel impossible... Some are fortunate enough... Continue Reading →

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