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Fear Of Heightz

A feeling most abhor for as long as they live,
Success is never gained without it.
What I am afraid of,
Is not a man nor women who has made up,
A character,
More like the pariah we avoid to save the,
Bits and pieces left of our sanity!
With God’s wrath looming over our sins,
I’m scared of what will be taken if I don’t appreciate every blessing God handed me!

The smile Jesus likes to give me,
And everybody else!
Any time your inner demons want to lay you down six feet under.
Epiphanies I couldn’t live without,
Of how imperfect I was made inside a coat of flesh numbered,
By a group of individuals dressed in the same colors as each visual I’ve painted in light of Thunder.
The Darkness of a troubled mind being tortured by what smothers our pupils with another,
Spine-chilling picture painted with a stroke more or less precise than the Devil’s touch,
Hurting anyone it ever hovers over…

While I wake in a world where I was a labeled a ‘mad man’ by ‘mad men’  
I’ve been on a different plane as I shine like satin,
Even if my demons say I can’t will myself to weave every hit Mary Jane tries to land in,
A War where victory is set for me if I abandon,
The rotting soil wearing out my heart of its desire for a hand in,
A struggle no one really wants to see,
Unless you escape the Hell you’ve been trapped in…

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