Fear Of Heightz

Fear.A feeling most abhor for as long as they live,Yet,Success is never gained without it.But,What I am afraid of,Is not a man nor women who has made up,A character,More like the pariah we avoid to save the,Bits and pieces left of our sanity!With God’s wrath looming over our sins,I’m scared of what will be taken... Continue Reading →

Does She Think It’s Boring?

I want to meet a woman with my eyes closed.Witnessing so many eyes twinkle,I've been blinded way too many times,And I?Refuse to be swindled… I want to hear the vibrations of her voice enter my eardrums and see how voluptuous her soul is,And,Enkindle her curiosity enough to yearn for,A kiss blown with,The only kind of... Continue Reading →

Supernatural Tiez

Underestimated often. By women so voluptuous and beautiful behind that gloss and, That make-up dripping down into their bathroom faucets, After long days of being voluntarily lost in, A mask presenting them as "Flawless"... Why should I care about the rejection of another, When they're marred by their own insecurities? I rather thank whomever for... Continue Reading →

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