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Supernatural Tiez

Underestimated often.
By women so voluptuous and beautiful behind that gloss and,
That make-up dripping down into their bathroom faucets,
After long days of being voluntarily lost in,
A mask presenting them as “Flawless”…

Why should I care about the rejection of another,
When they’re marred by their own insecurities?
I rather thank whomever for showing me,
How better off I was without their impurities.
Blinded I was by such seduction leading me astray from all that was curing me,
From an Illness we all like to call hatred…
For Thy self…

Why stick around by someone who did make me hate myself?
As if our demons were playing Tag as soon as honesty was belched?
Where’s the angel who was meant to save me from perdition and drag me out of hell?…

So supernatural how others become ghost when you’re left burning in the fire.
Till you grab the biggest Winchester you could find and blast off at a liar…
I’m deep in the trenches and will be damned if I tire.
On this road with a drive to find Day’s brighter.
Than the ones I’ve made for myself with every God damn lighter.
Every God damn blunt making me feel higher.
Just until I drop flat on a ground for a moment of silence…

I’m not perfect,
Even I hide behind some sort of artistry while looking for the next flyer…

Instead of trying to be fly,
I figured…
Maybe we can ground ourselves,
Heal each others’ wounds together…

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