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High Skiez

Moments like these,
I smile wide.
Drinking up a few cans while I spew rhymes.
I am not ashamed of the struggle I’ve been given in my life.
I just make a beat inside of my mind,
And just write against my demons line for line.
Pound for pound,
While I’m boxed in with only one intention.
Knocking out my opponent while I swing left to right.
Out of balance while I dance with lies.
Of how I’m toxic to those I’ve preached were angels in the sky.
Flying high…
Till the smoke clears,
And reveal themselves to be liars in the open.

Tired of the way I live.
Fighting with a word I’m just trying to lay on this,
Piece of paper before I die a bliss-,
Ful death in the name of pills,
Weed and drinks that drip,
And drip,
Down through my esaphougous,
To a stomach hungry for a chance to swim…
In its own pool of tears,
Rather than a Coors Banquit flipped,
Into a mouth only asking for happiness…

All I really wanted was a woman.
To the side of me.
Whenever I stare into the Devil’s eyes to swipe him of his glowing glare as God’s prodigy.
Of love.
In a world covered in soil saturated by our ancestor’s blood…

I guess I’m living out the reality I deserve.
We all get what we put out,
It’s only right I feel hurt.
Same way my soulmate felt when she was looking for a set of hands to immerse,
Herself in…
Loneliness is what anyone gets,
For being selfish…


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