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“Just Do!”

Just do! Easier said than done, isn’t it? Especially when sunshine is still being blocked around your way by that dark cloud hovering over your head. But! “Just Doing” is a feat every soul on Earth has the power to achieve, even if the circumstance you’re in makes it feel impossible…

Some are fortunate enough to learn the easy way. But, if you’re as stubborn as cream floating in coffee? You should probably gear up for a ride bumpier than a young adolescent suffering the rise and attack of an army of pimples. Because, the more unwilling you are to accept why you feel that pain sitting inside all of our chests after life hits the fan? The farther your inner-self runs away as you try your hardest to catch up to him/her, so nauseated by all of their missed calls already…

Losing yourself in a vast ocean of confusion only the Brave have made it back from? The only thing next for a soul who fails to account for their misfortunes due to their own self-sabotage. You know, self-sabotage being that long, tired phase where we ask and say things like, “Why me? But, what if…? It’s all their fault!” Going down that road of pointing fingers is the equivalent to sprinkling dirt across your wounds expecting it to close without an inevitable infection making its way to your brittle heart.

If all we really want is peace, being guilt-free being who we were meant to be in the first place and just do what we love, then how can we do so without correcting our errors whether or not they were intentional? If you want your open wounds closed permanently, wouldn’t you have to disinfect it properly, feeling its “sting” as the aftermath for disobeying your beloved flesh?

“Just do!” Easier said than done, but, love and forgive yourselves enough to give yourselves the opportunity…

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