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I don’t know where to start,
I’ll just be honest.
A part of me wants to die!
God won’t let me go through the process.
I’m not speaking of rebirth,
Any kind of change of that sort.
I’m talking about a grave,
Grim reapers,
Thy lord…

I’m exhausted.
Feels like I am too tired to recap my losses.
An offset of colors drown me while I off led,
On a page where I rest my palms,
On top of every chip off the only block I’ve ever been a part of…

I’ve been perforated for a reason.
Not to be grasped and ripped into pieces,
To represent what I and others should’ve been when whole before we just,
Turned bitter…

Love can be saved!
I know that most of America likes to preach otherwise,
If it really couldn’t be,
Then how would anyone have risen from an eternal Abyss thought to lack an escape?
Question is,
We we make it to the end,
Relieved of our pain?…

Pain we all feel at the end of our days.
The more I worry for another?
I lost time for myself,
Get in a daze,
Feeling enraged,
Going insane for imminent change!
I am all alone on my path to greatness?
It doesn’t really matter I’m losing my patience!
Still going to smile,
Let it all out,
No matter what the case is…

I’ve been exhausted because of every bottle I’d fill through my emotional phases,
Eventually exploding from an overflow of tears forcing each shard to ricochet inside of a body I’ve vowed to save!
Staying present…
Focused on a gift sent with divine intent  to sway my wounds to bleed out on a stage,
While leaving the entire world breathless…

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