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Eyes Of An Old Dog

“Old dogs can’t learn new tricks!”

Is how the saying goes. But, problem with applying this to another Human is just that. They’re Human, not a canine probably dreaming about sniffing another dog’s butt while chasing a ball thrown into their favorite puddles of mud.

Let’s say if it were true, though. Would you, the reader, have moved on from certain obstacles most of us have to deal with throughout a life we have not a single answer for? Would you have gotten that dream career by keeping old habits leading to firings you’d thought never could happen? Would you ever have been led into your soulmates’ arms if you didn’t graduate your mind past high school desires? Guarantee you wouldn’t have!

I mean, who do you know within your circle that brought their dreams to life by staying inside of their comfort zone? I can’t imagine Derek Jeter achieving 3,000 hits by sitting in a Ford Escape, eating huge bags of Cheetos while listening to Eye Of The Tiger sun-up to sun-down. I can’t imagine a former junkie reach a state of love and acceptance for themselves by shooting up all the heroin they were able to find. Change is imminent as long as we allow it to be. Even for a dog if you show them enough love! Don’t believe me? Just check Instagram on your breaktime and their endless dog videos within the explore page (chuckles).

Breathe. Take a second to realize how the hands of time are extended onto your palms in order to lift yourself up whenever your soul is ready. Never is it there to rush you. But, those ticks and tocks swinging by from ear to ear? Reminders of your responsibility to master yourself and evolve past everything you are truly not. Because, change is inevitable the second you become sick and tired with whatever is exhausting that delicate heart of yours. And, either one way or another, we will all become sick and tired, someday…

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