Bernardo’s Decision (Pt. 2 of Bernardo’s Vision)

Can’t get away from the sight of an Iphone.
Exhausted of dealing with anybody living through a snap and a dial tone.
He’s dialed in,
Snapping with a pen,
Racking up a set of lines He couldn’t connect!
The masses weren’t already trapped inside a Cell…

“While everybody’s worried about keeping their bars up througho the day,
I’m here trying to keep my ‘bars’ up trying not to rage.
It’s what I have to do to relax at times,
By calling out the world through a pen I write and manifest reality with.
Hoping one day I wake up and see the world I imagine to be,

No ill intent,
Nor irrationality.
Hungry for a future where Humans are interwoven with Peace instead of Vanity.
Rather than be netted by inner fear of being themselves while pandering!
To what is PC.

“While everybody goes out of their way to post lies,
I’m posted inside of a mind state insidious to the demons whom host thy.
My current flow of going against any and all fake news that boasts highs,
For the Low-Life!
Who looks into the future as far as the weekend as I grow my,
Perception of the world.
An expansion…”

What else can one with eidetic memory do?
Walking in fashions only his identity can produce?
Although worn out by dividual climates,
Whether it be governmental silence,
Or the mental reign of social media tyrants,
He’s writing and riding away from all the lies in,
A world he know longer recognizes.
A world where the brave became cowards by hiding from the fire…

“An expansion of thought only God is able to conjure from within.
Elevation from being elevated by a Bitch called Mary Jane and a sip from drinks and,
Beads of sweat puddled all over my lips from lyrics,
I’m pushing out as my revenge for Their abandonment.
And gladly,
Not an ounce of contrition is stopping me from eating up what is not competition.
As these hands were meant!
For what is embedded inside of my vision.

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