That Toxic Ex Girlfriend

Trust me when I say I love you,
Please don’t cry.
Had to take you out that room full of Ice!
Show you what a different life looks like by,
Letting you go…
Watching you flow…
This dark place I was sinking in to…

I see the tears,
It’s nothing personal against you.
It’s the fact that I already had an idea of how toxic you really,
Really are!
As I went through,
Many nights of choosing you everytime I should’ve let loose…

You’re not even faithful!
If I don’t ever show up,
You end up on another’s bedside acting playful.
Wrapped in another’s palms rather than mine any time I’m broke after making up for my sins,
Paid in full…

There was a day where all I wanted was to pick to you up and take you everywhere around the world with me.
Until I started noticing how you were nudging us to make a scene,
Coercing me to act in ways I thought I’d never Be!
Our direction got split,
By my desire to change as I wear this new chip on my sleeve…

As my life sunk,
I had to pour you down the sink.
You kept draining me of my energy.
You made me forget who I was as I became my own enemy.
I felt anytime my demons forced you into my body.
With a life no longer on the rocks,
How can I keep you right by me?
All I remember are the times you tried to keep me from saving a life I’m writing out of hell…
Even if you don’t like it.
It’s a story my Heart kept crying to tell…

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