Bernardo’s Mind: Interlude

"Inflicted by drug addiction, I, Can tell who's walking all around the city with cloudy vision. I, Can sense when a soul is surrounded by white girls with their panties missing. I, Can see who's game and playing their cards right or taking shots at a gamble without thinking it through... But, What about that... Continue Reading →

Bernardo’s Decision (Pt. 2 of Bernardo’s Vision)

Can't get away from the sight of an Iphone. Exhausted of dealing with anybody living through a snap and a dial tone. So, He's dialed in, Snapping with a pen, Racking up a set of lines He couldn't connect! If, The masses weren't already trapped inside a Cell... "While everybody's worried about keeping their bars... Continue Reading →

The Real Infinity Gauntlet

Reading arguments in the comment section of any YouTube video really isn't ideal. I mean, really! May seem "out of the ordinary" in an epoch dominated by cybernetic visions conceived by our Young, but! I'm much more on the "old school" side of life. While others go on a shopping rampage for that big ole'... Continue Reading →

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