Bernardo’s Mind: Interlude

“Inflicted by drug addiction,
Can tell who’s walking all around the city with cloudy vision.
Can sense when a soul is surrounded by white girls with their panties missing.
Can see who’s game and playing their cards right or taking shots at a gamble without thinking it through…

What about that Cell inside of your pocket,
Trapping you?
Isn’t it strange how some are charged up when their bars’ up?
Plugged into the world when their outlet is to get wired by a spark from,
A post?
Delivering a message they will not uphold.
Liked by a group of individuals whom are purposefully sold,
On a lifestyle they try to emulate with little to no truth at the cost of their soul…

No one seems to mention it at all!
The addiction to technology in which will be the fall!
Of anything Human.
I mean,
Most already walk with affinities for choosing a device over socializing with a few similar to them!
First thing a person does in 2021 is look into a phone when,
Opening their eyes in the morning since they get a rise from the web.
Haven’t even gotten out of bed!
Scrolling through a feed while they’re hungry for success,
Wondering about the reasons why they haven’t experienced any,

I digress.
Who am I to judge,
When there was a day where I refused to digest the truth of alcohol running wreck! Through my body?
I had to want change if I ever was to rise out of these bad habits,
My mind from the inside with imminent madness…

I can tell by the way some of us grip apples and androids,
Not many want change even if it doesn’t make any sense!
I can’t stand it…
Yearning for a richer life,
Spoiled with hours of posting lies to be liked out of spite for not loving yourselves,
I have had it…”

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