Just Playin’ Ball

Home base.
Watch your circle change,
How it breaks with the way you spin your story.
Most gravitate to those who drop jewels,
Few are brave enough to pick them up from the ground and shine when it’s pouring.
I got thrown a curve ball when I decided I would mind mine,
While left stranded after basing my peace off the only one that adored me.
Home was Mary Jane’s arms even though she wasn’t for me!
What’s a broke man to do when he’s lonely,
Taking hit after hit,
No matter how grounded he’s been,
On a field full of dreams,
All because others chose to gamble with a talent you are better off honing…

I ate them all as God spoke to me,
Let me know that life is not a movie you should just throw on a screen,
For a ‘Gram of attention.
I chose to see scenery that pitched a different kind of message,
To a man with a fist full of lessons learned within his own armageddon…
A rapture of reality,
Focusing on vanity instead of the insanity of family that handed me poison fruit,
Damaging my eyes from seeing the truth…

Truths revealed on my grandmother’s death bed as dementia hit her.
She still remembered my name!
As there are others still alive till this day,
I haven’t heard from in years after I got sicker.
Neck swelling up with so many lumps on a body,
While bumped from the minds of beloved that would bicker!
And bicker!
Over a decision every man has to make when he’s done with being bitter.
Either keep getting kicked while you’re down until the day you die,
Get away from those who are dead inside,
So desperate to take and emulate your life,
Hugging you as tight as they can while aiming their sharpest knife right against your spine…

Don’t you dare get mad at me for walking up to a plate!
Wherever there’s a mic,
While I get in the zone regardless of what tragedy strikes.
Be glad that each course of action I took tactically,
Frightened a monster who tragically died,
Inside of my mind.
Unwinding the knots I got in a fight,
Against myself.
If It was alive,
I’d run for my life!
Without looking back,
Before he’s wide awake with blood in his eyes,
For everyone who made a promise never kept,
While forced to sleep in a bed of lies…

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