Just Playin’ Ball

Hits,Diamonds,Home base.Watch your circle change,How it breaks with the way you spin your story.Most gravitate to those who drop jewels,But,Few are brave enough to pick them up from the ground and shine when it’s pouring.I got thrown a curve ball when I decided I would mind mine,While left stranded after basing my peace off the... Continue Reading →

Bed Of Bones

Authenticity in a city all about broadway?As rare as love for a man deleted from a world grown wicked.As rare as a hug for a man of action rather than an act unsuitable for his true character.As rare as forgiveness from any!For a man who seeks repentance others fear to undergo.But,Why?A question I quit asking... Continue Reading →

Crying Diamondz

So avuncular for reasons unknown. Walking with a soul that formed into ice, He cries diamonds, Fighting to protect himself from His inner beast by keeping some sort of twinkle within His pupils... Still. A Human? Never has He felt like one while carrying Love most consider extraterrestrial. A sense of Love flowing through vibrations... Continue Reading →

Help Me Forget

I see her smile from cheek to cheek and think of how distinct I am from the world around me... How I've always been a geek, Yet addicted to the street, Never any time to focus on my own smile to attract my well-deserved queen... Or, Do I even deserve one? With the surplus of... Continue Reading →


It takes a while to get back up, When you're knocked down to the ground while your bones rust. After all that we go through before our time is up, Life requires you to explore all avenues. And, It makes you feel all sorts of attitudes, That will land you on curbs of a street,... Continue Reading →

Diamondz Buried Under Drugz

Picture waking up. To the sounds of a man baking a, Pot full of something bubbling all the way to the top. With ears innocent from anything that sounds like someone making drugs... Witnessing your neighbor forcing down a line of cocaine just, To get through the day... Like, "Fuck it! I will share this... Continue Reading →

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