It takes a while to get back up,
When you’re knocked down to the ground while your bones rust.
After all that we go through before our time is up,
Life requires you to explore all avenues.
It makes you feel all sorts of attitudes,
That will land you on curbs of a street,
Away from all the blessings God handed you…

Some refuse to see.
That bling blinding eyes mercilessly,
Whether or not your vision is correct under certain prescriptions murdering Thee,
Of happy memories to a degree…

Most seem to spend their nights flicking a lighter or twisting a cap full of fluid to drink,
While igniting an endless flame.
Thought bubbles from a lake of fire carrying their name.
Shots after shots until they’re lost in a haze.
Smoke clouding their atmosphere with each hit to the face.
I would know,
After loading up bullets for demons who only knew how to administer pain,
Making it out of Hell and lounging in a heaven through a story I wanted to create,
In an everlasting Universe where we hold control of our own fate…

A control I vowed myself to have before it was too late.
Formulating Universal pictures away from a screen where I cut to the chase,
And bank on God to fundamentally jade idiots whom try to knock me off my place.
Hoping God shows others a different way,
Of going about Life,
Instead of becoming cold,
Only dreaming about Ice…

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