If you ever doubted me,
I still love you.
I’m Ready to rap circles all around a love triangle I was cornered in.
All the squares who wouldn’t shape up while I kept flowing in,
A space full of stars burned out.
Smoke everywhere with Death trying to bring a hearse out.
1800s everywhere until you get capped by the shot your body had to ‘purge’ out…

A movieee!
As you make it to a scene where the dead rules.
I’m here,
Like Deadpool.
I already know everything is comic when I’m booked for another dead room…

I told you!
I’m chilling.
I’m cold when I’m writing some lyrics killing everybody wishing for my death sentence…
A narrative I had to put to an end with one single message…


More vibrant.
I vibe in,
A Crisis,
Reaching to where Christ is,
Anyone who wouldn’t reach with me.
These bars are for all the “Friends” whom left me behind them!
While fighting,
With myself…
When trying to commit suicide,
Labeled weak and told to get help…

I did!
By placing them on the bottom shelves of a Pedestal I’ve built within my own solace.
Sacrifices made as a price to eliminate nonsense,
In a life where few others believe I’m a Prophet without seeking a profit.
Unlike most who shake my hand in hopes to rattle more change inside of their pockets…
Can’t ever buy Peace for a soul that is toxic…
Poison I refuse to drink when I’m thirsty for God and…
A different life full of light,
Rather than darkness…

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