Daytime Climax

Sex with her was amazing.
How our inhibitions were put to a halt once we began embracing,
One another,
On silk bed sheets where you smothered,
My face with those sugary lips…

So passionate how we slid our hands all over both our heads and necks.
Guiding my tongue all across the left side where you like it best.
Nibbling on your ear lobes right before I gently squeeze your breasts.
Slowly licking in between them,
Until your nipples harden for my mouth so wet…

I miss giving each nipple a good bite.
Hearing you moan and beg for the pleasure I so dearly want to give you tonight.
Kissing your body all the way down to a center so pink,
Juicy and tight.
Putting two fingers in to make sure I fit inside.
Licking off your sweet cum off of them,
Just to see what our love-making tasted like.
Entering myself as you eagerly push me in while your hands latch on to my hips,
Just waiting for me to swim through the ocean right.
There it goes…

Motions of Love making your body tremble in ecstasy.
Pounding away as hard as you want me to until your legs are weak.
Hearing you scream,
As I pull away and watch you smile,
While I feel blessed to only have you next to me!

Before bringing you to climax,
I go back to lick off what my taste buds loved most.
Your pussy so moist and ready for the show to be closed.
I lift you to your knees and get behind,
To where you wanted me to flow.
A light smack to an ass so fat as I rowed,
And rowed,
Our boat,
Into a happy ending I dearly wish was,

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