Lovely Mournings

Three years since we've last touched. And, Still I taste those lips more luscious than any other pair I've grazed. How perfect they wrapped around mine while soaking wet by your intent to drown me with, Love... Never was about Seduction, Nor lust in any of our encounters. But, We couldn't help but make love,... Continue Reading →

Empty Little Black Book

Funny. As a Dominican man who grew up in the South Bronx, Labeled handsome in the eyes of most women I come across, A lot think that my call logs are full of Models the average Joe dreams to talk to. But, News flash! I'm as nerdy as they get. Proudly! Nothing wrong with Dragon... Continue Reading →

Only One I Want

If I wanted her back and asked for that to happen, Will it? I only ask because I do. If only you'd touch my heart and feel it... Because, I am not the villain she paints me to be in a world full of blood spillage... Maybe, The splatter of another splashed by her image,... Continue Reading →

Wet Luv

Your vanilla skin and your curvaceous hips make my stomach rumble, As my thoughts tussle with stripping off each piece of clothing you wear. I, Tear off your shirt. Bring your skirt down with my mouth as you force my head between your thighs, In stride, And slide my lips back and forth, across your... Continue Reading →

Another Love

Being innocent doesn't mean I'm sexually repressed. It only means that I can refrain from anything I do detest. Like cheaters, An evil leading you towards a sequel with endings as lethal as each kiss that'll leave you depressed, underneath of each breath she'll puff against your being... During nights full of sex, Some rum... Continue Reading →

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