Lovely Mournings

Three years since we’ve last touched.
Still I taste those lips more luscious than any other pair I’ve grazed.
How perfect they wrapped around mine while soaking wet by your intent to drown me with,

Never was about Seduction,
Nor lust in any of our encounters.
We couldn’t help but make love,
On countertops,
In bathtubs,
Where I’d strip you off your top with my mouth and hands,
Rubbing all across your body so voluptuous.
I got down to the bottom of our situation without being cheeky…

Favorite part was always massaging your feet pulsating in pain.
Making sure your swollen foot wasn’t so uncomfortable for the rest of our day.
Gently swiping off your bra straps to stretch those shoulders while softly pounding your pressure away.
Kissing your body all over,
Reminding ourselves how I’m with the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes upon…

Don’t mind me,
Been kind of lonely,
And your memory seems to pop up as my nights come to a close.
Some nights I end it with a tear or two,
Then I smile as I picture yours again with a heart rife with hope.
If you’re happy?
That’s all I can ever ask for as a man who still loves you,
Wants you,
Knowing there is no chance of that ever happening…

At least,
Rejection is what you made me believe,
When you were no longer happy with what you were seeing,
In our mirror cracked by demons I wish would have never intervened.
With true love…

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