Lovely Mournings

Three years since we've last touched. And, Still I taste those lips more luscious than any other pair I've grazed. How perfect they wrapped around mine while soaking wet by your intent to drown me with, Love... Never was about Seduction, Nor lust in any of our encounters. But, We couldn't help but make love,... Continue Reading →

Empty Little Black Book

Funny. As a Dominican man who grew up in the South Bronx, Labeled handsome in the eyes of most women I come across, A lot think that my call logs are full of Models the average Joe dreams to talk to. But, News flash! I'm as nerdy as they get. Proudly! Nothing wrong with Dragon... Continue Reading →

Innocence With Hornz

I haven't gotten down much in my life, But, Your luscious lips gravitate the thought of you, In a silk corset I'd love to unzip, Closer to my mind. You may leave my cheeks red just like your lingerie, You may be more experienced, But, My tongue brings a magic touch where you'll tremble the... Continue Reading →

Sexy Nightz

See, Everybody has their own kinks, But... I love yours more than the average woman. The lace, The silk, Corsets and whip that you like to tilt. And slowly slide up against your legs, So luscious. Trust me... I'm not running from it. I confront any challenge without backing down, My strokes? I know you're... Continue Reading →

Excursionz Of Love

She loves it when I grab her by the waist line, And slide my fingers all the way up to her face. I, Can't help but... To lift up, Her curls tucked, Underneath a shirt she busts, Out her breast, While I wed the thought of her drowning in the, Movements that make her cum...... Continue Reading →

Climactic Eventz

I love sex, In ways unlike the average man. I can use my hands to make you climax, Leave you dripping wet while you roll your eyes back, As I lick every drop squirting it's way out... I'm clean, But I get dirty. Not like the thug who can't pound it right. I'm not afraid... Continue Reading →

Seduced Beneath Moonshine

Out of every sin, Lust grabs my a5ttention most. I bathe in her legs... Deeply do I stroke, Her insides gently, but hard. Toes curl back & forth... My virgin palms, tainted. Tainted by your virgin skin... It was meant to be... I drown in your lips, Wet with sensual intentions, As I quench thirst...... Continue Reading →

Wet Luv

Your vanilla skin and your curvaceous hips make my stomach rumble, As my thoughts tussle with stripping off each piece of clothing you wear. I, Tear off your shirt. Bring your skirt down with my mouth as you force my head between your thighs, In stride, And slide my lips back and forth, across your... Continue Reading →

Suggested Prompts!

Hey Universe! May the Sun shine its brightest your way! I wanted to let everyone know that if there is a topic or prompt that you'd like me to write about, please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know, as I'm definitely a soul who loves to converse and see what's... Continue Reading →

Passing ‘Em Around

You said you want me, But, You left me, Inside of an abyss I'm resting in. Flames burning my rotting flesh I've sinned in, Repeatedly, While wetting this... Seed in my mind trying it's best to grow... Grow out of this endless tug of war with demons trying their best to show... But, Nowadays? I... Continue Reading →

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