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No Sex This Time

After such a hot night of tossing and turning,
I can only elude you into my world of Romance.
Where our souls dance to the beats of love as the sun rises.
Make a trail of roses that lead you to a kitchen table cluttered with you favorite breakfast.
A shoulder rub and kiss on your forehead before you dig in…

One thing I’ve always had in my mind was,
Walking through your favorite boardwalk underneath the strongest Moonshine.
Serenading you with poetry in motion,
Reminding you of just how speechless your beauty leaves me as I kiss those fluffy cheeks I dream of daily…
I love the thought of your smile more than anything…

If you’ve had a bad day,
Why not kick your feet up on the couch?
While I bring you that cup of wine.
Ready to massage your feet while you sip some in delight.
Let you talk it out as you unwind for the night.
And this time?
No sex.
Just us.
Together in each other’s arms.
Feeling so blessed to have you in my life…

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