Amour Bon Gre

At times,
Are just a headache.
I don’t want to sit,
Face to face and explain my set ways as segue for her to decide if I am one she’ll let stay.
I don’t want to sit and have fits with a woman who’d wear out the person I am,
Hoping I’d change and be more fitting in whatever mess played throughout her troubled mind…
After all,
I love who I am,
And refuse to have puddled eyes when pegged by her lies…

Know my worth as a man!
Just need a woman to match that.
A woman knowing her own as well,
Looking to snatch back my soul!
If I ever go through Hell.
One who will align herself with God,
As I put my life on the line to protect us from a rising facade!
By erasing distractions plastered to the side of another’s circumstances…

Why waste my time with someone who won’t appreciate me?
I’m fine being a nerd while boxed in,
Sugarcoating my struggles with retro gaming and comics,
I find quite amazing.
The best part?
Is that I do ‘come’ with surprises.
When I ditch my glasses,
Pull you in by the waist and commence a soothing silence?
My wet lips become the one place you’d want to soak away your problems time and time again…

Just being honest!
As a man who aims to please,
All I want to see is pleasure dripping from each orifice you’d want me to fill with climax at reach.
Most importantly,
Why not act as the canvas where you wipe away your tears and paint the one reality popping up in all of your dreams?…

A Unison so imperfect,
Yet perfect.
A Unison forcing my smiles to resurface.
A Unison stitching closed every open cut from past extremities that keep my wounds hurting…
And hurting…
And hurting…

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