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Bernardo’s Vision

He woke up one day,
Fed up with boredom.
Although Sunshine coats his face with warmth as he lays,
Next to the sill of his window of opportunity,
He wore clumps of Anger on both sleeves in such mean fashion…

“I hate people and the world,
I have had it!
Politics are garbage,
Along with,
Republicans and!
Anyone who’s democratic.
Who cares about anybody anyway,
Are fleeting.
Zombies running out of dead bodies they are feeding on,
While commencing War inside The Petri.
Dishing out a sense of division more often than some cents for a dish in what we call Hell…”

The mentality his Anger garnishes his soul with.
Going crazy hearing others scream equality!While skipping by the Homeless,
As their numbers rise while we refuse to ever own it…
Going crazy witnessing another condemning bloodshed,
Not a peep!
When their ‘hood’ is overshadowed by a pool of blood spilled of their own in,
Cold blood…

What is He to do?
That’s just the tip of it as He glues all the pages together.
Of a hidden message only few can see as he weathers!
The Storm looming in.
A Storm thinking it can change who He truly is,
And coerce Him to insert needles proven to be tricks!
Than a treatment for a human body strong enough to body any illness…
Treading through a rotting city full of demons plotting sickening ideas underneath a mask that couldn’t fit him…

“How can these people even believe what T.V. displays?
It’s all a game and I’m bored!
Kind of like the monopoly in Media overlooked as long as they are entertained!
Eyes locked in a cell phone,
Making sure to keep the ‘bars’ up while refuting their escape,
From this Matrix!”

Walking past Broadway,
He became enraged with,
Every single billboard!
Every single littered with debauchery an artist will tour!
Every single person and their spread of vainglorious discourse!
All mimicking what a box with a screen is telling us to think even if it kills your,
Sense of self!

In learning how to tell a vision’s darkened by another’s shell,
His own broke!
And therefore,
Had no other choice but to tell.
Our world of every vision He was having after all the masses ate an Apple we were told not to let dwell!
In the bowels of our conscious…

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