Merriment Of Peace

You know you’ve been working hard when you come back home with a hole inside one of your favorite pair of sneakers. The only pair that was left unscathed until they had to be worn. No other choice but to be strapped on my feet during a time of mental warfare. Mental warfare my demons commence once I decide to expose my pupils to complete darkness…

Ever just had flashback after flashback during Christmas, just because? Flashbacks of Rejection of all kinds ravaging your memories for reasons you cannot pinpoint your dear self? I don’t know about you, but I guess the Holiday season tends to play tricks on me any moment I sit down, idle for the time being. Especially, when you’re alone out of all things you yearn to be. But, maybe this loneliness is my current gift without any curse involved…

A gift I could not understand until now. Because, this is the first time in my life where I sit, alone, enjoying “present” time regardless of what crosses my mind. Laughing at eah attempt my demons take at hindering my peace. Grinning while doused in merriment, even if I cry as I write my night away. A gift only God’s “presence” can give me without the need for nightly alcoholic ventures only bringing me closer to my own date with Death…

Peace & Love 💜

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