Different Huez

For some reason,
Things really do happen for a purpose we can’t see.
But it’s,
Still a bit funny how we can control our fate already predetermined by our actions,
Typically made through our glaring sadness…

On days like these,
I feel as if I’m not…
In control.
Siding with demons forcing my hands often.
Like a pawn ordered to dwell well under other’s merciless disloyalty…

My focus is variegated with a wide array of emotions.
Pupils red,
Hues of all kinds,
When Satan showboats his reign of terror in my sea of feelings,
While they pour down.
Forming illusions coursing through every nerve,
Calm as ever…

It’s just not that easy,
To quit making trips to Flaco’s deli with my head heavy.
Legs’ split,
Dead sprints to a fridge for a 6-pack while daydreaming of affording a stronger bottle like Henny,
On the rocks.
Like I,
Stuck in the bottom as I rot.
In nightmares I’ve created…

I decide to wake from a slumber seeming eternal.
No matter how cloudy the day,
Our sun protrudes through the darkest shade,
Illuminating all atoms my pupils are meant to shape,
Into a living purpose…

Will I choose to implode the bottle I’ve trapped inside of my deepest Ruins,
Release my tears into an ocean where I swim towards a new beginning?…



Hey, beautiful Universe 💜. This piece right here is an oldie I had written while I was an alcoholic. Being that I am sober now 100%, I posted this to let yall know that life can change. You are powerful. Strong enough to put that bottle down, best believe you are friend! Please enjoy,

Peace & Love 💜

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