Empty Little Black Book

As a Dominican man who grew up in the South Bronx,
Labeled handsome in the eyes of most women I come across,
A lot think that my call logs are full of Models the average Joe dreams to talk to.
News flash!
I’m as nerdy as they get.
Nothing wrong with Dragon Ball,
Nor creating my very own Yu Gi Oh! deck.

Everything is just noise trying it’s best to interrupt soothing Music my ear drums love making.
I do have my days where I may want to lay naked.
With whomever my soulmate is.
While we stay in,
All night,
Making Love until our hearts feel sufficed…

Even nerds like to get down,
There’s just,
Nothing better than being wrapped in the arms of a woman who doesn’t want to lose you.
Intertwining our souls into a mesh of Peace and Happiness,
Whenever either one is feeling the Blues…

I’ve tried one night stands.
Answered booty calls without any strings attached.
Problem is,
Once I fell back into my Abyss,
There was nothing nor anyone to catch me.
I figured if I waited for my soulmate,
She would take action instead of toying with my life,
Same way I would pull my Queen up off the edge of a cliff if she ever slipped,
As the Man she…
Has always dreamed of…

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