Empty Little Black Book

Funny. As a Dominican man who grew up in the South Bronx, Labeled handsome in the eyes of most women I come across, A lot think that my call logs are full of Models the average Joe dreams to talk to. But, News flash! I'm as nerdy as they get. Proudly! Nothing wrong with Dragon... Continue Reading →

4 Eyes Meanz More Sight

I get it. I look a bit innocent. Nerdy, Geeky to a degree with a love for anime on TV. But, You'd be surprised with how good I'd slide my palms on those sweet thighs, And have you riding on a high that'll make you rethink life... Since, You haven't been so happy. Yet, I... Continue Reading →

A Nerd & I Know It

Knowing you're an outcast for X amount of reasons, At times, You add up every moment you've chosen to lay defeated. Wondering why others cast you out from any chance of love as you empty this, Safe Haven inside of your beating heart, Your demons disguise as a dark abyss when you reach for our... Continue Reading →

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