A Nerd & I Know It

Knowing you’re an outcast for X amount of reasons,
At times,
You add up every moment you’ve chosen to lay defeated.
Wondering why others cast you out from any chance of love as you empty this,
Safe Haven inside of your beating heart,
Your demons disguise as a dark abyss when you reach for our gleaming stars…

Reaching that final tally,
That memory stealing your peace,
Making you angry,
Thee solution becomes obvious when you face the mold most of the world is attached to,
Subtracting yourself from it by smashing,
That Wall of Oppression to bits like,
This way you’ll understand me…”

Take it from a Poet seen as a gift to the world when I was mostly present with thoughts to end it.
Such a nice guy in the eyes of others when I’m on stage reciting a unifying message.
Once you lift up every bandage releasing the flood gates of your blood made poisonous by enough snakes,
They all run away since they can’t swim in your crock pool depression…

You should know it’s okay.
It’s okay to shine bright in the star that God made.
For reasons only you can find yourself in a world plagued,
By the hate most seem to have stored away for themselves…

My love for life’s simplest quirks is something I can’t help.
Like Dragon Ball,
Or a Bola De Papa fresh off the shelf.
How nerdy I am,
The way I’m careful when I spell.
Tape on my glasses,
Every time they broke when I fell.
Silly things I’ve had to accept so that I can look into my mirror and feel at peace,
Rather than in hell…

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