As The World Turnz

One minute left…
A sword is on my neck…
Dancing with death…
Not afraid of what’s next…
I don’t know if they’ve heard,
I’m already dead…

A ghost in the flesh…
No camera lens.
To snap what your eyes can’t see,
When I refuse to be seen,
In a world where I digest,
All the blood that you spill,
Anytime you’re hungry for another check…

Am I sinister?
Only to those who don’t seek rest.
Waking up everyone at peace when,
They should be put to sleep,
With a piece!
To the cheek.
Demons whom feed,
And prey on the weak.
Everyday of the week…

Some think I’m a saint…
As all I can say?
Is that I am not made,
In any way,
Or form on an Earth where we were all born from one,
Single place…
I guess that makes,
Me and you the same.
If someone else cried because of you,
Put someone else through pain…
As the clock ticks?
Just like you,
I age.
That’s why I enjoy the fruits of life before I am one second away,
From passing on to whatever lies past our dear Pearly gates…
Loving those I hold close to my soul until I am put inside a grave…

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