4 Eyes Meanz More Sight

I get it.
I look a bit innocent.
Geeky to a degree with a love for anime on TV.
You’d be surprised with how good I’d slide my palms on those sweet thighs,
And have you riding on a high that’ll make you rethink life…

You haven’t been so happy.
I wonder why?
Is it Mr. Perfect you are looking for?
The glitz and glamour he is able to provide while you both course,
Through a road full of Gold,
Diamonds and much more?…

Those starry eyes seem to tell the true story.
Not the image you portray in front of cameras while you bore me.
With tight dresses,
Your naked body as you cook breakfast.
You seem to smile when a certain shine radiates off of your reflection.
The necklaces,
Your phone full of messages,
Inviting you to free dinners clearly messing with,
The life of another…

Is it love you need to be smothered in?
A load of money you want to stay cluttered in?
I’m sure your heart doesn’t need to second-guess,
What I hope your number one choice is.
May be what you call “4-eyes”,
But easy?
I am not being that it gave me foresight about how your past choices,
Will shape out whatever we got going as the square I can be…

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