Something You Gotta Give Up

No fear for whatever I may witness. I want to see the challenges I'm given and, Keep walking with a tunnel vision I was gifted... I'm just, Present like never before! Even as I'm under trees lifted when, I formulate a cloud. Steaming anytime I'm out, Of mind, In doubt. Ripping a beat when I'm... Continue Reading →

4 Eyes Meanz More Sight

I get it. I look a bit innocent. Nerdy, Geeky to a degree with a love for anime on TV. But, You'd be surprised with how good I'd slide my palms on those sweet thighs, And have you riding on a high that'll make you rethink life... Since, You haven't been so happy. Yet, I... Continue Reading →

If Only Poetry Was A Woman

Wounds drip blood signaling your rise from the ashes. Breaking off a mold upheld by the Masses. Because, It's time for me to eat while I stack bread without whining for a match and, A blunt wrap full of MJ as I rather ball on a stage and keep rappin'... Ever wondered, When is it... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry, I Love Me

If I'm a piece of shit in your eyes, Then I must be the piece gathered on the tissue you use to wipe. Most men and women end their nights with a vice. Yet, I'm still looked down upon because I'm blunt and choose to get high? Being with anyone has come at a price,... Continue Reading →

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