Something You Gotta Give Up

No fear for whatever I may witness.
I want to see the challenges I’m given and,
Keep walking with a tunnel vision I was gifted…

I’m just,
Present like never before!
Even as I’m under trees lifted when,
I formulate a cloud.
Steaming anytime I’m out,
Of mind,
In doubt.
Ripping a beat when I’m trying to release and be,

I take it slow more often than I rush.
And make love!
To the words that tried to crush and dismantle my world,
With venom from girls,
I set up with curves!
No diamonds for her,
Seats on a curb…
For all the days my pockets were eyed for a purge…


Saw I was sick,
Was given a sedative.
Thought that was it,
I ate it and rested in,
The same fire everyone of them had set as their own form of rejection…

Getting it in with a rhythm I bless!
With my vocals,
Is the only kind of sex I want as I become the Mogul,
I was meant to become.
An author of a life in the hands of a God I have finally learned to trust,
Instead of a Siren who sung!
Until shipwreck…
As I went a little left…

I wouldn’t fizzle,
Popping in my corner,
With a chip on my shoulder,
I couldn’t rest!
Until a check was written in my name for my escape
Away from what’s
I came to bust,
A line!
And save my nuts to power up my mind!
Just an unholy trinity I had to give up to see a certain light,
When it shines!
Only kind you can spark through the Universe you decide to see,
Inside of your heavenly blessed eyes…

Please don’t waste your life!
Over such a small and simple dime,
That doesn’t roll around with much sense in case you accidentally drop her…

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