Something You Gotta Give Up

No fear for whatever I may witness. I want to see the challenges I'm given and, Keep walking with a tunnel vision I was gifted... I'm just, Present like never before! Even as I'm under trees lifted when, I formulate a cloud. Steaming anytime I'm out, Of mind, In doubt. Ripping a beat when I'm... Continue Reading →

Bleeding Tonguez

Blood swirls down his tongue while it drips and paints an image of a maze made by his own Denial. A Denial he treats like a cloak of invisibility over his entire character. And, As I gazed into his self-induced demolition, I noticed he had bit his tongue when it was time to speak truths... Continue Reading →

Can’t Disturb My Peace

Attention and Jealousy are demons you wouldn't want to fall for. Brick walls in your own journey that'll have you flipping over everything, Like parkour. Have you doing what you don't even like, Just to be around someone in particular for, Reasons only they know... Why walk the road of another based off of their... Continue Reading →

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