Can’t Disturb My Peace

Attention and Jealousy are demons you wouldn’t want to fall for.
Brick walls in your own journey that’ll have you flipping over everything,
Like parkour.
Have you doing what you don’t even like,
Just to be around someone in particular for,
Reasons only they know…

Why walk the road of another based off of their say-so?
They’re only trying to wake up and make another peso.
Take another flight out the country for a chance to lay low.
Wishing you well,
Even if all you do is throw shade…

What’s the point?
Living underneath another’s shadow as a choice?
Disturbing my peace as your only way to fill a void.
Mad all because I check every move made against me while I voice,
Light in every rhyme outshining any darkness…
There’s a reason why you can’t reap what I do writing bars when,
Satan himself slips on my saliva…

Saliva too hot for my own mouth when my mind is hysterical,
With imperial thoughts I am caved in.
Blame my brother for forcing me out onto a pavement.
Blame a Father,
A taxi driver too focused on his payments.
Never had a guide at any point in time,
Gained a drive!
Too strong for any kind of hatred.
No matter what knife was held next to my face and,
Any knife thrown when I was only trying to embrace this,
New way of living.
Like getting to the bottom of a situation,
Without my life own slipping!…

A wayward son.
Flying all across the world as I soak under Sun rays,
Providing all the heat I need to blow some.
Accountable for every error made when I chose blunts,
Over being true with myself.
Now it’s time to grow some…
Blow one hater to the sky at a time when I tote guns,
I like to call a pen & pad…

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