Almond Joyz

Life is sweet the more I focus on writing bars.
My remedy for all mundane tasks ahead of me before I go nuts in a world cloaked by a farce,
Dark in nature…

Hard not to with so many phones ringing and cameras flashing.
A light most replaced their original bulbs with for images they wish were everlasting.
Almost as if,
Their life cannot be lived unless their day is on record.
Same songs on repeat while scratching away a circle that only thrived when together,
All over Social Media likes along with copy cats who can’t find anything better to do…

An addiction most will not admit for a chance to earn a check.
A blue kind of lifestyle,
As long as there’s some Green to spend,
What does Sorrow even matter to them in the end?

Not a thing.
When the motto for some is ‘fake it till you make it’,
All that comes with is a lot of drinks.
So many clubs where you’re head’s smashed around a flock of honeys,
As long as you got some money.
A 2-week vacation from a job that’s running their entire lives,
Without a shot at something else different.
For once…

The kind of souls you make fall for your bait,
To tackle them down with more Truth after hooking them in,
With a line or two.
Fishy individuals whom subconsciously live in all things aquamarine.
Kind of like the Blues,
In disguise as the Sky with a little splash of Greenery…

All I can do is wonder how it’s possible to lend a helping hand,
With a phone glued to your palms?
How can you sit back and enjoy the view with your face pointing towards the asphalt?
Am I in control of my actions while I keep answering that last call.
That last text message I can’t seem to ignore as I’m mad at all,
Others who berate my existence.
Even after a bad fall…

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