Sojourn In The Desert

During his sojourn on Earth,
He experienced emotions so foreign.
A whirlwind of torment never felt before,
While the sun torches his new coat of flesh.
For the first time,
For something more than infinite rest…

As he walks across desert land,
Pain from each step on burning sand,
Viciously seeps into pores being clogged by desires bellicose in nature.
Wondering how his peace has been disturbed when He,
Is the Maker?

The Maker of the World He travels with a hunger for deeper understanding.
Is this what I’ve truly made?
He’s asking.
A Hell rather than the heaven I intended on?
He’s asking Himself while dancing around one important detail.
How He painted that horrific image within his own mind,
Before opening his eyes to a Tall Tale he’s brought to life,
Since the very moment He slipped and fell back into an Abyss where They all hide…

For Him,
Enough was enough after feeling the singe of defeat!
Rising to his feet for a feat unseen by those who strive to see others bleed,
Tears they drink absorbing one’s need for peace,
How hot weather seems to cool down when you spring back into what you’ve once chosen to be…

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