State Of Mind

Embracing change is much more difficult than it seems.
The second you’d lace your boots,
Stepping out into a world where you are the recluse,
You’re seen as a target for being farfetched in the eyes of someone living a farce in a city all about illusions…

Lights and an avenue full of lies made per dollar earned.
Giving personalities seeking a return.
Profits for the ‘actors’ preaching all about was pure!
A few things God knows I will endure!
So difficult it is walking through Babylon as a man of my word…

Whenever I arrive.
After my attempts to spread some words of advice.
Sobriety mastered!
And now?
As lonely as ever as I’m forced to witness everybody scatter…

Blessings in disguise was I look up to the sky!
“Thank you for this drive!”
Writing an escape out of a life full of lies.
Telling the world your happy,
Going to bed crying every night.
Showing the world faith in your beloved,
While kissing that other piece on the side.
Trying to convince the world you’re okay when alone,
Begging for likes and views from an instagram post…

Content to break fron the mold,
For a happier life I’ve yearned to unfold,
Since the day I told I was on a losing road,
A slippery slope back down into a hole I refuse to lay inside of,
All because of judgment placed on me despite of,
Their own flaws going by,
In silence…

Nothing brings more joy than to be yourself,
Without a care of what one has to say.
I mean,
We all have thoughts about each other when we’re not face to face ,
Even if it’s something we,
Can’t really face.
At that point?
It doesn’t matter what you state!
What matters more are the vibrations in your mind when you shout your name…

Mine vibrates a sensation no other can give me.
As God fills my soul with smiles allowing me to be more giving,
To myself and others in a world so,

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