A Test You Want To Fail & Pass

Certain days,
We may wake up with abundances of thought piercing through our shield of Peace for the moment.
Rising from the wrong side because of memories that,
Just won’t leave,
Even if you’re brave enough to own them.
Making us say things like,
Why me?
I’m tired of this world and,
The lack of love destroying it…

There’s a point throughout your day,
Where epiphanies are had and,
Happy will it make you!
How you have no control over what happens in a Universe made to,
Test each nerve in your body hoping you would pass so that God can save you…

Once a Killer’s dead,
Another’s born,
Bloodshed continues.
Plant a seed,
Water it and rest,
And more grow as the sinews!
Of a made bed simply meant to let you,
Sleep like kid exhausted from tripping all around their playground…

My answer to escape Vines of a jungle made of concrete and outcries,
For a loud high,
Where others shout thy name over clout I!
Reject with a smile and another rhyme about my,
Sound life.
Full of sound rhymes,
And a sound only I can create while I plow lines into eardrums,
Regardless if they’re able to handle each pound my palms provide as a serum,
To the Monster locked inside,
Of all of us…

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