Happily Asleep! (Repost)

The universe is quite dangerous.
A realm of reality where the blind have a voice,
While those with sight decide on silence as if there wasn’t a choice.
What does it matter?
What I see,
As I’m looking for a bed to sleep in,
The rest?
Lay asleep.
Investing in Iphones suiting their ignorance well…
Too busy snapping a portrait,
With poor traits.
As they forfeit some more change,
For fits their door paints as the oriflamme of their success…

You don’t know who you’re dealing with…
Whether it’s the image concealed in every IG story revealing one side!
Their actions,
The uniform we put on as a cover.
In a system trying to smother our lives with lies,
While devising several disguises…

I often take notice of work we net on a social level,
Pocketed to wreak havoc with our vices.
It just feels like most are walking memes with this,
“All me!”
“All me!”
Mentality we lie in.
What do I know?
I’m always alone.
Not hip to the times!
Do I hop when others say so.
I rather mold my inscape to be your escape out the mainstream of thought and pop bubbles,
While others impose ideas for you to follow with every post,
Posted behind a screen to boast about being woke,
Can’t account for what’s on record to show…

Most claim to be awake.
when I step outside it feels like I’m at a wake!
Since most walk as if they’re dead inside while putting up face,
Instead of facing the chains placed,
By their own hands.
I sort of understand.
With the amount of time we use up to stay on the gram,
For an instant high,
We’re too clouded to notice the box we’re trapped in…

This conscious era?
More often fastened in this presidential ride,
With a hand in all the problems that arise,
And the fact is we’re crashing up against an ancient paradigm,
Of fascists looking for control on both sides
Too full of it to break bread and coincide…

I refuse to choose a side
Only mine.
It’s kind of what we’ve done anyway,
Living life complaining!
While devoured by tech.
There’s no wonder as to why we act foul,
And get out of line through a text,
Under our breath…

Too afraid to confront an issue,
Revealing a front for the con you are.
With a need to see red,
Like an empty magazine you sport as the arm you lend your brethren,
To illustrate a settlement…

Like the scar my bitch-made brother painted on my back.
My blood smeared on silver,
When I was evicted by him,
While he was drunk on his pilsner.
So I figured,
Since family took action and toyed with my well being,
For being me,
The whole world could suck my dick.
I am through with my fucking filters…

I don’t really mean it.
Who am I to put anger out on others I’ve never known.
Who am I to let a robot anger me and receive control?
Why not put my jack down and pick up steel inking my goals?
Instead of puffing a veil of smoke,
I cannot see the answers through?…

A cloak,
Is all I was given from those we vote for to handle the fruits we grow.
If we can’t see that they hire us to rebuild what they hire themselves to destroy,
History on repeat is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode,
Without a choice…

*Side Note!*

First and foremost, I hope everyone is having a blessed night as y’all read this, nothing but smiles, hugs, laughter and good vibes <3.

I wanted to repost this piece I had written a few years ago that I feel is relevant today. We often talk about the woes of society in virtually all its other aspects, but, the addiction to social media is a topic I feel is swept under the rug by many. So, for the majority of this week, I’ll be expressing how I feel about technology and what it’s doing to us as a whole. As well as the negatives I’ve allowed it to place upon my dear life.

If you haven’t heard it in a while, don’t forget I love you too and you deserve nothing but life in its fullest. God evenin’ and God bless y’all ❤

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