You’re There For Strangers, Just Not Your Boyfriend.

I always wondered what it was about her,
You know?
You want up to her so easily while she was crying.
Wiping off her tears while asking,
“What’s wrong?”
Without shaming her for it…

Kind of made me cry much more than usual.
Those nights where you ignored the tears falling from my cheeks while watching others dance together as if they were in love,
Forgetting about a Union we both promised to keep alive no matter the odds…

Did you ever think of helping me soothe my mind as well?
A mind that remembers depression before it can ever remember what makes me smile.
When I wanted to die,
All you did was watch my tears pile up while I slipped and drowned into,
Becoming a better man I should say.
You can’t be mad that I’m curious enough to ask,
Even if I know you’re too cowardly to answer my confusion

That was God’s way of showing me how our relationship was useless.
It was one I needed to lose since,
You and deceit were closer than you,
And Honesty lounging in the same room in a Glass House I,
Eventually shattered…

Good riddance…

6 thoughts on “You’re There For Strangers, Just Not Your Boyfriend.

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  1. Usually when a woman disconnects from a man it’s because of to much hurt caused by the man. I can’t speak for her but I can say I was in a relationship with a guy who was less than mediocre. He was quite immature. Very emotionally and physically abusive. He also didn’t take accountability for his part in all the harm. He lied. He cheated. He betray and deceived but as he was doing so blamed it all on me. My loyalty was pure
    My heart genuine. He took me for granted and no matter how much he negates it he is STILL the one who is the wrong. For me there is no loss tied to that relationship. I’ve gained a lot by leaving this guy in the dust. No one deserved to be mistreated ESPECIALLY by someone who this turns around and plays victim after they are in fact the deceitful ones. He never found dicks in my phone. He never phone conversations in my phone. I am the one who found pussy pics in his phone and conversations with other woman making plans behind my back. I gave him more loyalty than he ever deserved. For that, he will always be betrayed by everyone else he encounters.

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    1. Oh damn, well I definitely felt that. I agree with everything you said! I’m sorry that a boy in a man’s body did that to you sincerely. My situation was much different though and would rather speak on that privately else where (so many details to put out in the open that people wouldnt expect at all lol). Honestly though, of course I made my mistakes and had major flaws (like she has and done). But, there are certain things she did that led me into a deep, dark depression that I just healed from after 5 years. Made me think I was extremely worthless, like a piece of shit that wasn’t worth getting help for. She made me feel like someone who deserved to die and never deserved a simple hug just because of certain mistakes I made after she made her mistakes. She made sure to tell me, “I hope you never get depressed because I dont wanna deal with that.”

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  2. Forgot to add: I was more committed than he was prepared for.
    Im sorry you went through that. It’s pretty shameful that people will take advantage of a good hearted person

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    1. It’s okay, Poetry is my everything now so I’m good. I was also super committed, i supported her dreams till her own friends said shit like, “wow, He’s really there for everything you do.” But, when i started struggling with no help by my side, all of a sudden I was holding her back. I wasnt a man who needed help, just another “useless” man for her to abandon even though she cheated for 3 months without me ever knowing amongst other things

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      1. Whoah… I’m so sorry she did that to you. That’s not fair. Being committed and loyal to someone who isn’t invested in committing to you is definitely hurtful. Mine used to threaten to cheat each time I didn’t follow his “rules” and “demands”

        I completely understand not wanting to talk about it on public forum. You can find me all across the social media board @rarenwise IG and twitter are my faves. How are you faring now?

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      2. Hey, I just responded to your comment on Instagram as I currently speak if that’s okay (which is nuts and great thing you leave a guy like that, threatening to cheat shows how truly insecure he is, coward thing to even do!) my tag is @m3l0dicverse so that you won’t be confused! You can talk to me there at any time as well.

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