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The Real Infinity Gauntlet

Reading arguments in the comment section of any YouTube video really isn’t ideal. I mean, really!

May seem “out of the ordinary” in an epoch dominated by cybernetic visions conceived by our Young, but! I’m much more on the “old school” side of life. While others go on a shopping rampage for that big ole’ clunker called a Playstation 5, I’m still hunting for those sweet gems from my childhood on the Nintendo 64. No regrets!

Nonetheless, slowing down my social media use was most definitely a must during a time where I was losing connection with my very own self. Most of the time, I found myself either angry, melancholic or disgusted. Emotions all aimed towards pessimistic chatter, those silencing others in a society we claim to be free, our constant flow of false realities painting narratives glorifying what One wishes to be and not what they truly are…

Social media became much more of a virtual irritant than communicative and fun. It just feels as if others create an Instagram or Facebook page with the sole intention of becoming a real-life Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. Such power in having heavy influence over the mind of others, leading to the manipulation of trending matters. A power strong enough to control the life of another if you’re popular enough to do so. A tool allowing most to spread that destruction all across the entire world. And, if you’re depressed with enough time to scroll around, it’ll hook and reel you back into your past or convince you of how you should be spending all of your upcoming days in life…

Negativity all throughout several platforms I refuse to be subjected to. Letting go of most virtual prisons we land ourselves in, I couldn’t be happier experiencing life without living through a cell phone. When I was surfing through Instagram religiously while taking notice of how divided we truly are as Humans over political spat, more often than not I would post a reply condemning our vicious natures, spending too much time professing my disdain for all evil deeds. Yet, as I weened off of online Hysteria entirely, my anxiety, depression and other bad feelings began fading away. Wondering why, I found that it made me walk outside more, be much more friendly while boosting my love for people, create more than distracting myself with memes and fart jokes…

Ditching such digital mayhem brings a peace and sense of control the internet can’t ever, ever give you. So, if you made it this far, please give it a try! Deactivate your accounts and just enjoy the breeze. Finally feel how peaceful and simple life can be regardless of anything steering us away from it…

Peace & Love đź’ś

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