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Better Dayz (Repost)

Rivaled only by reflections I’m blessed to see.
Disciple of the Word in which we speak to be Truth within realities,
Setting most of us apart.
A student of life for eternity until Death do us part!
Even if Rebirth is what’s next.
Aren’t I already dead the moment I lay asleep,
Conjuring another world inside of my subconscious?…

I’ve fought myself for far too long to continue this battle of wits against my own flow of emotions.
Both sides now combine for the better of mankind,
Instead of seeking its downfall and atonement.
Transforming into the kind of man fulfilling His promises of growing distant.
From vices clamping down on His ankles and wrists.
Once preventing my ascension from perdition…

Metaphors still rise in the form of memories displaying reasons why I must win this War.
Whether it be of the former solidified inside of premonitions exhibiting betrayals sworn to never happen,
Simply my own self?
It is tragic!
For anything blocking my path withholding my well deserved Peace at the end of it…

Same way Society broke me down,
It’s time that I break It down with divine messages,
Forged by a Light brighter than what’s able to be seen through my lenses.
Mission I’m on is far from impossible without crews I’ve bested with,
A pen,
Pad and a script I’m cementing in a world I create.
What I thinketh shall be,
Victory is what I’m destined for as I erase.
All of my internal anger stopping me from seeing better days…

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