Better Dayz (Repost)

Rivaled only by reflections I’m blessed to see.Disciple of the Word in which we speak to be Truth within realities,Setting most of us apart.A student of life for eternity until Death do us part!Even if Rebirth is what’s next.Aren’t I already dead the moment I lay asleep,Conjuring another world inside of my subconscious?… Yet,I’ve fought... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

If you're reading this, for real, thank you. I apologize for not posting more frequently, as I've been going through the hardest transition in my life including illnesses I don't speak of. As a loner with no family nor friends, it gets difficult just to wake up and want to be active. Find meaning in... Continue Reading →

Blessed Together

How blessed a man would be to curl his arms around the waist,Of a woman who doesn't make me feel as if I'm wasting my time.Better yet,A woman who doesn't make me feel like a pile of waste while I strive!For success I want for the both of us.Yet,I'm often crushed by...Who knows.I don't even... Continue Reading →

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