Blessed Together

How blessed a man would be to curl his arms around the waist,
Of a woman who doesn’t make me feel as if I’m wasting my time.
Better yet,
A woman who doesn’t make me feel like a pile of waste while I strive!
For success I want for the both of us.
I’m often crushed by…Who knows.
I don’t even know.
All I know is,
I end up alone on weekends with a list of sins I must atone for,
Whether it be a promise broken during my weakest moments,
Adding blockades to my own course of Peace I must reach…As I’m left in pieces,
From battles where I’ve laid defeated,
There is no other choice besides making Peace with God,
Since I haven’t met a woman that seems to want a man who’s still climbing up off the Rocks…
Most took advantage of their vantage points to add in their two cents while I was broke and full on shots.
One day I jammed after I became in tune with a different song!
Became sober and told them all to kick rocks!Because,
How blessed a woman would be to taste my lips,
Embrace what I Spit,
In case her mind gets bitten up by her demons.
How blessed a woman would be when laced with big bites of dinner I make with much spice,
Warming us both through each brumal season.
How blessed a woman would be to be with a man willing to sacrifice his time for their love…
Instead of comparing a list of side pieces to those he can’t compete with…Oh,
So blessed!
The same way I would be if I were with a Rose I can blossom next to.
I know my worth!
I just want a Queen to see it regardless of any mess,

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